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Fix This, Not That #1

A lot of my clients ask me if they should invest in a new roof if they plan to sell in a few years time. The answer is…it depends. 

First, if your roof is leaking, you should fix it. Even if you plan to sell your home soon, the damage a leaky roof can do to your property can hurt your wallet quickly.

Secondly, call in a professional to assess the root cause – there’s a big difference between a total replacement and a partial fix.  

Third, think about what you can afford. A buyer’s home inspection will reveal any potential problems, thus giving the buyer leverage to lower the asking price by an amount that may be more than the cost of the repair. 

The bottom line is the cost of repairs will be accounted for either through an expense of your own or during the sale of your home. 

If you have undergone work on your roof (or other major upgrades), buyers will often ask for backup documents (receipts with certified contractor information, warranty transfers, etc) so make sure you keep these on hand.

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